A Look at Law & AI in 2018

AI was busy in 2018.  With the year coming to a close, let’s look at a three important developments in law and AI, and consider what they might imply for the coming year.

The Regulation Debate

Perhaps the biggest issue facing law and AI can be broadly put as “regulation.”  More precisely, will governments regulate AI, and if so, how? This overarching question permeates the field and touches many different specific issues.

The United States government has been reluctant to regulate AI.  Last month, at the FCC’s “Forum on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning,” FCC Chairman Ajit Pai stated that the government should exercise “regulatory humility” when dealing with AI.  In other words, a hands-off approach. The reason, he said, is that “early [regulatory] intervention can forestall or even foreclose certain paths to innovation.”

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